Waffle makers

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How to choose and buy a waffle maker?

What do you need to know about waffle makers before you run to the closest store and buy one? Well, you can just ask the salesperson when you get there. But if you are like me you like to know what you are buying beforehand. At least something about the product before you put your foot into the store. At least so much that you know what to ask. So here is a guide, an overview and an explanation of waffle maker features that you will probably find in the store. How to choose you waffle maker? Waffle makers explained.

What is a waffle maker?

Lets start at the beginning with something simple. Waffle maker is a kitchen appliance for making waffles. It is made up of two hinged plates, which are molded to create a checkerboard or honeycomb pattern. This pattern is later transfered to your waffles. Waffle makers have quite a long history as they were used in ancient times. Back then they were strictly called waffle irons because they were made out of iron by blacksmiths. They were made out of two casted iron plates that you put on the wooden stove to make them hot. When both both sides of the waffle iron were smoking hot you could start making waffles. Making waffles today is much less messy but some people still swear on the taste of the waffles made by  old style waffle makers.

Different waffle makers types

Times when there were only one or two different waffle makers available are over. Huh, today the choices almost seem to many. There are many different waffle makers models that are meant for different occasions, purposes or are different just to suit your visual taste:). The main differences are:

The size of waffle maker

The size of waffle maker determines how big will the waffles be and how many waffles at once can you bake. I am not talking waffle maker shape here, just size. If you want bigger waffles, get a bigger one. Waffles can range from small squares four inches on each side, medium sized or gigantic waffles that take up all the space on your plate. Also – if you need to make more waffles quickly, like if you have a big family or if you make waffles for lots of friends etc.. get a waffle maker that can bake two, three… or even six waffles at the same time.

The shape of waffle maker

You waffles will take the shape of your waffle iron. So check the grid on the waffle maker – the main difference is whether you want Belgian style waffles – waffles with deep pockets that can hold lots of topping, syrup, melted chocolate, ice cream… or do you want flatter waffles. I personally like Belgian style waffles better but decide for yourself. Of course there is a whole range of shapes in between. Then you have the outside shape of the waffles  – do you want your waffles to be round? Square? Heart shaped? Hello Kitty shaped? You need to get a waffle maker with that shape.

The waffle cone maker

This waffle maker is meant specially for making waffle cones – ice cream cones. Just be careful not to get this one, I mean – unless your really want it. You will not be able to make ordinary waffles with it.

Non-stick surface / Grill material

Brushed stainless steel is used to make most of the waffle makers. All waffle makers today also have non-stick surfaces. This means that you don’t have to worry about your waffles sticking to the waffle maker, fall apart, make a mess and cleaning them is much easier then it was. Even with the non stick surface it is wise to grease your waffle maker just a little. The best thing is to try it and see what works best.  The quality of these coats can also differ from waffle maker to waffle maker.

Waffle makers with internal thermostat and signal light

Almost all waffle makers are equipped with internal thermostat that tells you when the waffle maker plates are hot enough for you to start making waffles. Pouring your waffle batter on luke warm waffle iron will make a mess and your first waffle will be ruined for sure. The second signal that a waffle maker can give you is a waffle is done light. This will give you a signal when the waffle is done. Still I recommend you keep an eye on your waffle and not rely totally only on the waffle maker.

Pro-style flip waffle makers

Professional waffle makers are attached to stands and can be rotated or fliped over (180 degrees). You flip them when the waffles are half way done. The purpose of this is that your waffle bakes more evenly from both sides and the waffle batter is more evenly distributed so you can not get holes in your waffles. But mostly there is no real proof that pro-style waffle makers that flip over woek better than the non-flip ones.

Waffle makers with adjustable temperature

Some waffle irons have adjustable temperatures. You can set how hot do you want your waffle maker to be. This is usefull if you want to reheat your waffles or just keep them warm while you are waiting or also to speed up the baking process (here you have to be carefull).

Multipurpose waffle makers

Some waffle makers are more than just that. They can be adjusted and turned into a grill. You can remove the waffle plates and use the waffle maker as a grill where you can cook eggs, bacon, sausages etc…


Check that all vital parts of the waffle maker are insulated so you don’t burn yourself when you are making waffles (like insulated handles etc…). This is pretty standard now since waffle maker manufacturers would quickly get sued if hot parts were to exposed but still, it’s worth checking out.

Waffle makers with trip tray

If you are afraid of making a mess in your kitchen with waffle batter dripping all over it then get one that has a trip tray. Trip tray will catch all the overflowing batter and help keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

The price

You also have to decide how much money do you want to spend for you waffle maker. Here I can not really help you :) sometimes more money means better quality and more features and sometimes it’s just the design or something else… But I can tell you that as long as you stay away from the really cheapo ones an average waffle maker will do just fine in my experince.

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  1. Mary says:

    This is the most comprehensive site I’ve found in over an hour of searching for waffle instructions! Thank you.
    I can’t find the leaflet which came with my machine …

  2. Tom says:

    how can I buy this Waffe Maker and How much

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