Waffle makers and Waffle Irons

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Waffle makerWhat is a waffle maker?

Waffle makers are kitchen appliances made from two hinged plates that are used to make waffles. These plates have a special checkerboard or honeycomb pattern that is transfered to the waffles giving them their world known shape. The word waffle iron comes from history when waffle makers were only made by blacksmiths out of iron. On this website you will find everything you need to know about waffle makers. Get a cup of coffee and do a little reading to become an informed waffle maker buyer :)!.

How to choose and buy a waffle maker?

I recommend that you first read our guide to waffle makers. This guide covers all the important facts that you need to know about waffle makers. You will learn why waffle makers come in different shapes and sizes, what is the difference between a Belgian style waffle maker and an ordinary one, what is a waffle cone maker, you will learn about non stick surfaces, thermostat, flip over waffle makers and other features that they might have. This is a must before you go and buy one. You can find this waffle makers guide here.

Waffle makers tips and tricks

Next you should read our how to use a waffle maker post where we share some tips and tricks for making waffles and using your waffle maker. Like how to clean it really  fast, how to know when your waffles are done, how much batter should you put in the waffle maker etc… And finally –

Waffle maker

Waffle makers reviews

Before you go out and buy your next waffle maker browse our waffle makers reviews and find out which waffle makers work and which don’t. We hope to fill this section of our website with more reviews in a short time. So far you can check reviews of Black & Decker waffle makers, Chef’s Choice waffle makers, Cuisinart waffle makers, Hamilton Beach waffle makers, Presto waffle makers, Villaware waffle makers and Waring waffle makers.

Share your review?

If you like making waffles and you use your own waffle maker we invite you to share a review of your waffle maker and we will post it on our website.

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