Cuisinart Traditional Waffle Maker Review

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The Cuisinart Traditinal Waffle Iron bakes six waffles at once! It was designed for families or for entertaining. I like the fact that I can customize waffles by choosing one of the six brownness settings. The red light that lets me know the waffle iron is on and the green light tells me when it’s ready to bake and when the waffles are ready to eat. It also features an audible tone that alerts me as well. The baking plates are nonstick so waffles right out with ease. Other features include cool-touch handles. The lid locks in place and the cord wraps neatly, meaning that the entire unit can be placed on its side for easy, space-saving storage. It weighs approximately 10 pounds and yields 4 ¼ x 3 ½ inch waffles.

My 15 year old traditional waffle maker died and I needed to find a replacement fast. I had a really difficult time finding one that had the traditional indentations, but found many Belgian Waffle makers or a large square hybrid between traditional and Belgian. Call me old fashioned, but I really wanted to stick with tradition. When I saw the Cuisinart Traditional Waffle Iron, I knew this was it. It’s great for the family in that it makes six waffles at a time. And the size is perfect. It takes only two or three waffles each to satisfy my family members. I must admit, it did take a little trial and error to get the right volume of mix to add so it did not overflow, but after a little practice, everything went smoothly.

Being able to make six waffles at once with this Cuisinart waffle maker is wonderful. The hungry ones can nibble while the rest are being prepared. The directions included are fine, but I found that spreading the batter out just a bit with the back of the ladle before closing the lid works best for me. My middle daughter prefers crunchy waffles, so I am still practicing perfecting getting them a bit crisper for her without letting them get too well done. It’s a work in progress and we’re having lots of fun in the process.

I noticed that the beeping of the ready indicator does not coordinate well with the waffles actually being done. It beeps every time it gets to the right temperature after opening to remove a waffle to let you know it’s all right to add more batter, which I think is a bit excessive.

Clean up is a bit more difficult than I think it should be. Batter gets under the knob and in the crevice around the bottom.

All in all, I like the Cuisinart Traditional Waffle Iron because like so many, I’m very busy and this waffle iron makes nice big waffles and cooks very fast, enabling me to serve waffles more often. That’s very important when you are on a tight schedule.

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